Advanced Online Certification Program

Best Practices - Team Based - Workshop Driven

Workshop Driven

A combination of training in the latest best practices in Revenue Assurance from around the world, combined with intenstive, hands-on investigation and analysis of your own systems and issues.

Apply industry best practices to YOUR MOST CHALLENGING revenue assurance / high risk operational environments. Get more CONTROL over your own systems, operations and environment. Get your entire team up to speed in a way that is : FAST .. FOCUSED .. RELEVANT!

Focus only on those things most important to you..TODAY!

Study and learn about the areas in your own environment that are of the biggest concern to you. Don't waste your time on theory and looking at cases that are not related to YOUR PROBLEMS and YOUR NEEDS TODAY. You choose the area, the scope and the objectives for the program right at the start. 

6 Programs to Choose From

Pricing : $5000 Flat FEE

Each Program - Only 20 Hours - Online-Live

2 Hrs per session - You decide when to hold each one

Pricing : $10,000 for any three programs (condensed program)

Team of 3-7 People : All from your company - work & learn together

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1. Certified 4G/LTE Assurance Specialist

Learn how to perform and exhaustive end-to-end review checking for all of the risks associated with 4G data operations. Find out how others have done their assessments and than use that information to perform your own IN-HOUSE SELF ASSESSMENT! 

2. MBanking & Mobile Money Assurance Specialist

Examine all of the different ways that an mBanking system can leak revenue. Find out how to best determine where your mBanking system weaknesses are. Learn as a team how to best approach the Mbanking assurance challenge. 

3. Certification Interconnect Voice - Leakage, Fraud & Profit Risk Specialist

Detailed investigation of the Intereconnect Voice line of business. Exhaustive review of the major leakage, fraud and profitability maximization techniques employed by best practices carriers around the world. 

4. Certified IOT Assurance Engineer

Provide RA coverage support for New IOT Product Design. Assess the risk in IOT Programs. Create an IOT support team. Understand how IOT systems and solutions are different than traditional offerings. Product, profit and revenue assurance for internet of things service offerings.

5. Certified Revenue Assurance Charter Development Specialist

Perform a systematic assessment of the areas where your RA team currently works. Determine the current status of your RA team within the organization. Identify new opportunities for the expansion of the RA department scope.

6. Certified Telecoms Profit Assurance Specialist

Develop a true Profit Assurance expertise within your own organization. Hands-on, guided workshops help you understand best practices in pricing, bundling, new product design and existing product profitablity assessment. Develop new capabilties, insights and solutions that can help your entire organzation be more profit focused.

Program Details

1. In-House : Team Based

Choose the best and brightest of your team, make one the lead analyst and watch  the learning begin.  Your team will learn a lot more just the best practices in assurance, they will learn how to WORK BETTER AS A TEAM. Each week , your team will be challenged to think outside the box, anticipate problems and puzzle out how THEY will accomplilsh their objectives in their own situation. 

2. Best practices lectures and case studies

Each week your team will get a chance to learn about another piece to the puzzle of how to accomplish a 360 degree end-to-end assurance in our ever changing world. One hour lectures are scheduled by your lead analysts at the time most convenient for the team. 

3. Workshop Based - Solving real world problems today!

After the lecture and discussion are complete, your team will be asked to go out and do things in the real world. Research a problem, figure out how things are being done today, put together some reports, and actually figure out what is really going on. 

There is no better way to get your team to push the envelope and get really familiar with a new area.