Revenue Assurance - 2018

Best Practices Update

Best Practices Update for Revenue Assurance - 2018

  • GRAPA - Annual - Update
  • Mini-Certification Event

Based on over 6 months of research, interview and expert reporting, this 10 hour online program provides the professional with a condensed summary of best practices for:

  1. Legacy Voice
  2. Current Generation Mobile Data
  3. Next Gen - IOT, 5G, IMS and Fiber

Reviewing Best Practices for the Past, Present and Future RA Professional

Revenue Assurance has always been a critical role in Telecoms. As the industry goes through another series of changes so too does the RA team. In this session we will review the unchanging role of RA throughout the history and telecoms, and see how RA teams are helping their operators succeed in the new areas of data, video, 5G, Cloud and IOT. The continuing role of RA standards and methods and how they are being applied in emerging technology areas globally. 

This session provides a concentrated summary of the latest best practices in the assurance of voice networks. This session will review the complete checklist of network and billing controls for network, postpaid, prepaid and convergent billing systems. Compare your practices against this comprehensive checklist. Identify potential gaps in your current practices. Learn about pegcount, routing table, synchronization, serialization, orphan controls and an extensive list of areas to be aware of. 

Data revenues represent an ever growing percentage of the profits of the typical telecom, but the majority or RA teams are still performing only the simply and most rudimentary of revenue assurance controls. The big question that CFO's and investors are asking is "Is the lack of RA controls a reflection of the lack of leakage risk in the data areas, or is it simply the failure of RA teams to understand the new nature of Data Leakage and Risk?". 

In this session we will examine the new generation of data assurance controls and checks that are helping CFOs feel confident that data revenues are maximizing profits they way they need to. Policy controls, Bundle controls, Segment Controls and a whole new range of customer expectation controls are quickly emerging as the new "leakage controls" that teams must master. 

A major issue concerning Marketing and Product Developers is, "How do we know the new programs we are launching will deliver the revenue we require?". While things may look good in the planning stage, only a new set of margin and segment controls can help management be sure that things are moving in the right direction. In this session we will review these new marketing, new product and margin controls and see how innovative teams are stepping up to the challenge. 

On the horizon for every RA Professional is an overwhelming assortment of new technologies and business models. Each one will require the RA team to be innovative, creative and constantly on guard against emerging threats and revenue/profit losses. In this session we will look at the future revenue assurance world. Students will learn about 5G, Het Nets, Fiber and most critically the way that RA teams are developing standards for the assurance of the Internet of Things. Don't miss the last and most critical session of the sequence.