GRAPA Certification Offers Worldwide Recognition


The GRAPA – School of Fraud Management is the next generation of our already popular Telco Fraud Academy. With over 500 Fraud and Cyber Security professionals participating, the School of Fraud management provides the information, communications and technology fraud, security and audit professional with an extensive library of materials designed to help them keep up with the ever expanding universe of fraud risks and exploits.

Ths School allows professionals to take specific short courses to focus on specific topics, and also provides access to specialized courses from the CyberFraud, I/T security and Finance curricula.


The extensive catalog of intermediate and advanced Masters, Manager and Specialist programs are available via the online, public regional event, or corporate onsite delivery methods. GRAPA has a long history of providing best practices in cyber-crime detection and deterrence in the telecommunications, data communications, broadcast, and internet industries for more than seven years.