For over 10 years, GRAPA has worked to help telecom CFO’s to maximize their revenue , minimize fraud losses and strengthen the overall governance of their organization. Over that period of time GRAPA certified professionals have reported finding and recovering literally billions of dollars in FOUND MONEY (revenue that would have been lost if the proper controls and remedies had not been put in place). 

FOUND MONEY - GRAPA's Track Record 

Helping CFOs to recover revenues that have earned and not realized has been the main mission of GRAPA since its inception. The average telecom looses anywhere from 2% to 20% of their revenues and profits to leakage and fraud each year, despite the presence of well-trained  teams with loads of experience and motivation. 

The challenge for you team is that telecoms keeps changing at a faster and faster pace and if your team gets to busy with the immediate short term issues that will fall behind.
Keeping up with the new, while you're managing the old. WIthout a “recharge” every couple of years, your team may will start to miss many of the new risks and problems that are arising.

“I have had literally dozens of students call me a few weeks after their certification and report that they had discovered and recovered thousands of dollars in revenue as a direct result of things they learned in the classroom.
One manager actually made a call at lunchtime and came back to report that he had recovered $20,000 USD.”
- Rob Mattison- Instructor