How the Subscription Program Works

The Foundation - GRAPAs Library of Training Classes  
At the heart of all GRAPA training and certification is our library of hundreds of hours in best practices training and testing covering dozens of subject areas defined by practicing professionals as being of critical importance. 
These classes have been organized into 4 Hour Units - Each unit covers a different competency domain from the GRAPA body of knowledge. A unit consists of : 
  • 4 Hours of Online Live Lecture 
  • Study notes and handouts 
  • A final exam 

The Perpetual Schedule of Classes  
Each month we review which classes are of the most interest to students and pre-schedule them for different times and days during the month. This method guarantees that all classes are offered many times during the year at different times, based on demand.

Step1: Choose a Program 
The first step in the process of for you to choose the program(s) that you wish to pursue. Most students choose 2 in order to get the maximum benefit but it is really a matter of person choice. When you choose a program, the pre-defined units will be assigned to your LESSON PLAN. The lesson plan is provides you with a list of the classes you need to take. 

The Lesson Plan
Upon selection of a program, you will be provided with an online Lesson Plan. This lesson plan specifies the different classes you will need to take in order to complete the program. To find details about each of the classes in your program, you can download the program guides listed below. These will give you details about each of the classes you will need to take. You can click on the links below to download these guides. 

The Student Portal 
As part of the registration process is student is assigned a portal page login/password. These give you access to your secured online environment. The portal is your one central point of access and provides you with complete control of your schedule and materials. The portal includes menu items for: 
  • Calendar of all classes - all time zones 
  • Your personal schedule (Lesson Plan) 
  • Access to online testing system 
  • Access to download class materials 
  • Access to the online classroom 
  • Access to recorded classes 
  • Your report card, grade and attendence tracking

Managing your Schedule - The Online Lesson Plan 
Your online schedule serves as the central point control for all of your classes. This schedule will show the c
  • lasses you have been automatically registered for. From here you can: 
  • Confirm your intention to attend 
  • Defer attendence to the next time it is available 
  • Change your time/day preferences 
  • Enroll in new classes 
  • Withdraw from a class